So, Who’s going to the Superbowl?


Kansas City Chiefs

Every ones pointing at the Chiefs and although doing extremely well, thanks to new income such as Eric Fisher, showing their finesse and securing their rightfully earned place in the NFL, have yet to really face what we would consider a powerhouse of the NFL say the Seahawks or the beloved 49ers so until they prove their mettle against a tried and tested victory machine they’re still dubious in my mind. With a game against Peyton’s Broncos on the cards the Chiefs will have one chance to demonstrate their capabilities, a win against their division rivals would secure their place in my ‘favourites to win’ category  and prove what new talent and supreme coaching has to offer.

New England Patriots

The popular Patriots are on form as usual showing their comeback ability against the dolphins when all looked lost they pulled it back under Brady’s stern if arrogant leadership. Putting up a win up against the Falcons, who after the events of last year showed they’re a danger to be considered demanded our attention as Tom Brady’s continual cries of his own excellence evidently had some integrity to them but an unexpected loss against the jets puts them in a low standing with themselves, the league and their fans as a lack of consistency was shown, their game evidently fluctuates between brilliant to downright sloppy. Supported by veteran players with a good field of grade B rookies milked from an extraordinarily productive draft for the patriots should keep them in the game for a while yet.

Cincinnati Bengals

Exploding out of the off season looking to make an impact the Bengals, usually considered underdogs in any game of real importance, have proved they have the drive and ability to make a real run of it his year, especially after stealing Giovani Bernard from the Raiders, Wins against the Patriots and Packers showed the league that the Bengals weren’t easily intimidated and had their eyes firmly on the prize. With little competition this year within their own division we could well see striped helmets in the wildcards if they hold their form.

Indianapolis Colts

The colts, another unusual appearance as a division leader have put up an admiral offensive game this year. Huge victories over league favourites 49ers, Seahawks and even the merciless Broncos have shoved their football prowess in the opposition’s faces and stated, with crystal clear definition, that they are out to win. With only two super bowl appearances and one win this year is shaping up to be a un-miss able opportunity for them to add to their collection of triumphs.

Seattle Seahawks

The NFC West is home to the titanic power battle between the revered 49ers and the monstrous Seahawks who vie continuously for the top spot in not only the division but indeed the NFL itself. Although currently straddling the division throne the Seahawks have only played one gave of significance wins against the panthers and jaguars don’t afford much credit here and although they did destroy the 49ers in a walk over game earlier on in the season, the first few games never go well as teams try out new rosters and positional line-ups as draft picks and free agents are trialled by fire. As well as this a loss to the afore mentioned colts proved heroes like Marshawn Lynch and his beast mode were perfectly stoppable and better yet, beatable. The Seahawks are in with a chance of punching through this season but not without a fight.

San Francisco 49ers

As for the 49ers a poor start was quickly recovered and after sorting out the kinks they placed themselves straight back in the game for the championship, taking a running start with a beat-up against the Rams, winning 35-11 it was clear Kaepernick was a dual threat as ever and the trade-off for Anquan Boldin from the Ravens was one of the best decisions the franchise has ever made. Showing their true colours the Niners made a laughing stock of the Texans and from then went on undefeated. The Seahawks rematch looming on the horizon is set to have a very different outcome than last time and a new division dictator could flourish as a red and gold tide sweeps away all the Seahawks prospects.

Denver Broncos

Of course this post would eventually swing round to the blaring orange of Peyton Manning and his Broncos and who could resist? I mean suffering only one defeat and even then they put up a valiant defence against the uncontrollable colts offense they’re hard to fault. One thing I will say though is that as far as the Broncos are concerned offense far outweighs defence. In a series of high scoring games it would appear the emphasis is one bludgeoning the opposition with overwhelming scores rather than halting their progression for a marginal victory. Perhaps that isn’t a negative though when you consider the capabilities of veteran quarterback Peyton Manning who just last week put up 31 points in a single quarter… yeah… exactly. They have a hard few weeks approaching with not one but two battles versus division rival and league dominators the Chiefs but through it all they have the potential to take the super bowl by force.


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